Nick Martin stated on his instagram that he’s the guitarist in SWS. Maybe he’ll officially become a new member of SWS?
Btw, he wasn’t on the SWS signing on Warped Tour today so I’m still not sure…
Anonymous asked:

Is the guy who they replaced Jesse with the new member of sws ??

Well at first he was only a replacement for Jesse for a certain period of time. But as time passed by, and Jesse officially left the band, Nick Martin continued taking his role in the band. Just now I noticed that he has written on his instagram “guitar for sleeping with sirens” so I donno, he might end up being one of the official members

fangirl-of-suburbia asked:

Do you know if the pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens tour is coming to Canada?

Only the USA dates have been released. Other dates are yet to come, so there’s hope they’ll come to your country ;)

My url is so accurate - he is perfect



Damon Fizzy x Kellin Quinn over the years.

Kellin Quinn ID: 817
Vans Warped Tour, Virginia Beach VA
(all photos available for print) 

Kellin Quinn ID: 818
Vans Warped Tour, Virginia Beach VA
(all photos available for print) 

Kellin Quinn ID: 819
Vans Warped Tour, Virginia Beach VA
(all photos available for print) 

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It was my very first warped tour in 2013 and I really did not know what to expect. A lot of people told me the chances of getting to meet my favorite bands were close to impossible, so I really had no expectations of doing so. As I first walked into the venue I was offered a chance to meet Memphis May Fire and I was so stunned that I was just given this opportunity for free and so of course I said yes and they told me to come back at 1. I continued to walk and saw the Trojan tent and they said I could meet Kellin if I bought one of his shirts at the SWS tents and so I ran to do so. The moment finally arrived and I was in line to meet MMF and I was so mesmerized I didn’t really say anything but I got a hug from Matty. He is a great hugger! I then watched the acoustic set with Kellin and when it was over it was time to get in line to meet this beautiful man. My leg was completely numb from sitting and watching the acoustic set and so the walk to the end of the line was painful. We waited for a long time and finally there were only about 3 people in front of me. When I got my first glimpse of him I froze. He was real! He was no longer on my screen but he was real! It was the best feeling in the world. I had my anthem made shirt and when he spotted me he smiled. I ran into his arms and he gave me the best hug ever. He was a bit startled and said hey. We took a picture and I managed to whisper an I love you and then before I knew it Warped tour was over sadly but I had the best experience and would not trade it for anything. 
kyleconner1234 asked:

and the cats thoughts, ` dam it ` she got me again.... i must run faster or hide better next time.... lolol :)

Hehehe you’re so right :D

There are soooo many new SWS things to reblog that it’s making me overly excited! xD